Road at Magenta Grove

On Friday 26th of March a temporary road surface was shamefully dug through the green area at Magenta Grove. This is one of the largest and most amenable green areas in Grange Manor and a popular spot for children of the estate to play. For the duration of Friday the estate was subjected to continuous, heavy construction traffic and a seemingly complete disregard for health and safety – no barriers, guard rails, 3-point turns in residents’ driveways, rocks falling from uncovered trucks onto the roads of the estate, and so on.

The residents’ committee have acted swiftly to contact both local councillors and the city council to ascertain what is happening and to express the outrage of the residents at such a development that has apparently been allowed to happen with no consultation nor notice of proposed development being served on the site.

This development has caused great distress for many residents and stands as a major concern in terms of safety and the irreversible impact on the aesthetics of the green area at Magenta Grove. We would urge all residents to make your feelings known to the council on this matter and be assured that members of the committee are also acting on behalf of the estate to have this matter investigated as a matter of extreme urgency.