Spring Clean Success

Despite the bad weather on Saturday, a number of residents turned up to help out with the Spring Clean. Many refuse sacks were filled with rubbish that had been scattered around the estate. An alarming number of bottles, once containing alcoholic beverages, were also collected. In addition to the rubbish collection, residents also pruned some trees and removed two large broken trees on the green at Rocwood Mews that were obstructing grass cutting and causing the area to look  little below par. However, with no less than a 6-man effort with multiple saws, an ill-fated garden spade, 3 levering poles, and lots of sweat, the dead tree stumps were removed and the area has now been restored to former glory.

A huge thanks to everyone who showed up, to help out. We did ourselves, and the estate, very proud. Also a big thanks to An Taisce who supplied the refuse sacks and the gloves to help with the clean-up. Here’s hoping that we can keep the estate looking so well for the months ahead.


Spring Clean 2010

The Grange Manor Residents Association has organised a Spring Clean, to take place on Saturday April 24th 2010 at 1500h. Spring Clean is an iniative run by An Taisce in conjunction with local councils – it encourages communities to get together and keep their areas clean and litter free. A number of waste disposal sacks and protective gloves are given by An Taisce to the residents association and the City Council will also collect the waste collected, for free, after the event. This is a great opportunity to help tidy up the estate and remove annoyances such as litter that has been blowing around green areas for some time now or snagging the plants in your garden.

Help the volunteers by tidying up your front garden and immediate area outside your home so that rubbish can be easily packed into waste sacks. A little effort by everyone will make this event a huge success! Bags, gloves, etc will be handed out at 1500h sharp, on the green at Rocwood Walk.


Magenta Grove – Monday 19th April

Just a quick note to say that the Magenta Grove access road will commence usage on Monday April 19th in accordance with the agreements reached between the residents and the council/architect/developer of the Grange Heights development. Both the City Council and the architect of the build are very keen to maintain an open channel with the residents during this period of development and to nip any potential problems in the bud. Please ensure that you communicate any concerns that you may have to the residents’ committee and we can liaise with the architect/council on your behalf to ensure that everything is okay.


Magenta Grove Update

Over the past weeks, both the residents’ committee and some residents of Magenta Grove, have been in talks with Waterford City Council and the architect of the development at Grange Heights regarding the temporary road development across the green area at Magenta Grove.

Over a series of meetings where fears of the residents of the estate were conveyed and the resultant problems caused by this development outlined, a deal has been brokered whereby the best outcome is sought for all concerned.

It was outlined at the meetings that the residents of Grange Manor had no desire to delay the development at Grange Heights, nor did they hold any responsibility to the applicants of the development nor the architect of the development.

The following set of agreements has been reached:

1) A set of rules, ensuring strict adherence to health and safety considerations, strict times for trucks to enter the estate, and liaisons with the residents regarding on-going works has been agreed with the council and the representative of the developer.
2) The re-instatement of the green area is set to commence in the week of the 9th July 2010. The residents have been given assurances that this will be done to a high standard and should there be concern or substandard work done, the council have assured a proper reinstatement of the green area will be performed.
3) The licence granted to the developer provides for regular street sweeping to take place, to ensure the cleanliness of the estate roads.
4) A protective fence will be erected, blocking off the temporary roadway, secured so as to prevent toppling and unauthorised access to the site.
5) The proposed fencing will close off the top section of the green completely and the grass beyond will be maintained by the contractor.
6) An agreement was reached that good quality materials would be used to reinstate the green area after the road has served its purpose.
7) An agreement was reached that the current drainage problem, as a result of the road, will be corrected A.S.A.P. after construction is allowed to recommence.
8 ) An agreement was reached that the council will never grant a licence again for such disruption of the green areas in Grange Manor, barring any essential maintenance that would otherwise cause significant disruption to residents, e.g. broken pipes, etc.
9) An agreement was reached that upon reinstatement of the green the council will make a compensatory contribution to the green area, helping to provide some extra trees to restore its beauty and also to help return it to its properly maintained state.
10) An apology for the disruption will be issued to the residents, for not consulting them prior to granting of the licence.

The residents’ committee is providing this information to the residents so that as many people as possible are aware of what has happened and that proper representation was made, to ensure that the residents of the estate were acknowledged for their suffering and that a best possible outcome could be achieved for all parties. The residents’ committee has to respond to the council by Thursday 15th April 2010, accepting the proposals. If you have a strict objection/concern regarding any of the proposals then please e-mail us on residents_at_grangemanor_dot_org and let us know by Wednesday night, April 14th so that we have time to put them to the council.