Annual Maintenance Collection 2010

It’s that time of year again and volunteers from the residents’ association will soon be knocking on your door to ask for a contribution to the maintenance fund for the estate. The estate is looking very good at the moment and is being very well cared for by the contractor hired to cut the grass. Your contribution to the maintenance fund is essential to help keep the estate looking this way. Without it, we would not be able to hire a contractor to cut the grass and we would be living in a jungle.

We are very lucky, living in Grange Manor, to have so many houses in the estate. This means that we can keep the annual contribution very low, less than a Euro a week per house to keep the estate looking pristine all year round. Our recommended contribution is much lower than that requested in many other estates throughout Waterford City. However, we can only do this if everyone contributes to the fund.

If you are renting your home then don’t forget to ask for a receipt from the person collecting the money so that you can give it to your landlord and get a refund. Alternatively, please have your landlord’s contact details to hand so that they can be contacted to arrange contribution to the fund.

Everyone on the residents’ committee is a volunteer, who gives their time for no reward, so please be aware that they have no personal gain from collecting money. It’s all in the interest of keeping our estate looking good.