Icy Conditions

Winter has hit hard in Grange Manor this week. The hill of Rocwood Drive is causing much trouble for residents getting in and out of the estate and it would be advisable if people could avoid any unnecessary trips via car. The parking situation on Rocwood Drive and Rocwood Walk on Sunday night was somewhat understandable but also quite careless. While people no doubt wish to avoid coming back up the hill in the morning, some residents abandoned cars, partially blocking driveways, and Rocwood Walk had cars parked at either side of its entry – making it rather difficult to gain access should the emergency services have been called to a house in the area. The residents’ association would urge people to exercise due caution when choosing a parking space and to remember that people live at the front of the estate too – maneuvering in and out of frozen driveways, with cars parked close either side, is a recipe for an accident.

While the footpaths seem relatively safe there are reports of some very icy areas, mostly in the hilly regions of the estate (Rocwood Drive, Magenta). With the conditions set to continue, according to the forecast, we hope that all residents will stay safe and accident free. Hopefully the council spreader will be around soon to give the estate a helping hand.

The great community spirit can also be seen with residents helping to push each other up the hill. Some people with better grip are driving to the top and walking back to help others less fortunate with traction. Other residents have been chipping away, with shovels, at the ice near speedbumps, to help give the cars that little extra grip going over the bump. If everyone continues to help each other like this, we’ll beat these harsh conditions without any trouble! 🙂


Residents’ Association AGM

The Grange Manor Residents’ Association annual general meeting will take place on Tuesday November 23rd at 7:30 p.m. in the Farronshoneen Community Hall beside the Ardkeen Credit Union (and most probably the voting station of all Grange Manor residents). N.B. we have booked the sports hall of the centre for the meeting and have been asked to ensure that nobody wears high heels less the floor will be damaged. Please abide by this request if you are attending the meeting.

Items on the agenda will include a review of the year 2010, tasks ahead for 2011, and the election of a committee for the coming year.

The residents’ association would like to take this opportunity thank everyone who contributed to the estate maintenance fund this year, to help keep our estate looking good and also those who showed up to lend a hand on the Spring Clean earlier in the year. While a committee of people is elected every year to help coordinate tasks and deal with the council on various matters, it is ultimately everyone in the estate, working together, that provides for any success. If we don’t all help each other then life becomes very difficult for everyone that wants to make a difference.