Spring Clean 2013

POSTPONED UNTIL April 20th 2013


It’s that time of year again. Spring is upon us and the maintenance of the estate for another year has already begun with the grass cutting contractor commencing work in the last couple of weeks.

Our annual Spring Clean in association with An Taisce, has been organised for April 13th at 3pm and hopefully we will have a good turnout to help tidy up our streets and give the estate a freshen up. Waterford City Council kindly collect the refuse collected at this event, free of charge, so we should all make the effort to tidy up outside our own doors and give a good impression of the estate to all visitors.

Of course, with the start of grass cutting, the annual maintenance collection is also of urgent importance. The requested donation, as per every year so far, is €40 and the residents’ association can only maintain this if people continue to contribute. It’s less than 80c per week to keep the green areas of the estate maintained and prevent them turning into jungles. All money goes directly into the upkeep of the estate and all association members are volunteers who give their time for no reason other than to help the estate keep its good image. Over the years past, association members have given countless hours working with the City Council and Gardaí regarding estate issues, anti-social behaviour, estate maintenance and initial handover from the developer, going to personal expense to contact landlords to secure contribution to the maintenance fund and to fund the website and online payment facility – helping to make Grange Manor a good place to live.

We would ask people to try to pay online ( before the end of April or contact your local committee member (you’ll no doubt remember them from past years of knocking on your door, asking for your help) or e-mail to find out who to contact. It’s not easy calling to every home in the estate. It’s even harder asking people to contribute to the maintenance collection. However, the only way we can ensure that the estate is maintained and doesn’t become unsightly, is if we are all in this together. Let’s keep it going!

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The Grange Manor Residents Association is made up of a number of residents of the Grange Manor housing estate. The responsibility of the association is to bring items of interest to the attention of the other residents within the estate and to encourage people to partake in the upkeep of the estate. The association is completely volunteer-based and is open to new members at each AGM.