Welcome to the Grange Manor Residents Association website. The purpose of this site is to help residents of Grange Manor to find out about things happening in the estate and to encourage the community to interact and find out more about the maintenance of the estate.The Resident’s Committee will publish newsletters and upcoming events, from time to time, on the site and it encourages all residents to play an active role in the running of the estate. Everyone has the same responsibility to ensure that Grange Manor is always a happy and nice place to live.

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From now on, regular updates will be carried out via the Association’s Facebook page. Be sure to click the image below and Like the page to be informed of matters relating to your estate. To get the best from Facebook ensure to update your Like settings for this page to: “In your newsfeed –> See first” and “Notifications –> All on”. This will tell Facebook that you want to see updates that may otherwise be given less priority in your newsfeed.